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Ridley Bendigo Monogastric Feedmill

In 2020, LGPM completed its largest project to date; a green field Monogastric Feed Mill in Bendigo, capable of producing an efficient 90 Tonnes per Hour. The project encompassed the design, construction, and commissioning of the entire production process. Key stages included the raw materials intake, ingredients storage & addition, mixing, pelleting, and out loading. […]

The Future of Food- Pulses as Protein

The need to find effective protein sources to feed the world’s rising population is increasing. Inadequate protein consumption continues to be a source of malnutrition in the developed world, with insufficient protein intake contributing to a lack of body mass and muscle size, as well as stunted development in children of extreme situations. Pulses are […]

Why is Food Safety Important?

Everyone has the right to eat healthy food. According to the WHO, 600 million people become sick each year as a result of consuming contaminated food. This why food safety is extremely important. According to the World Health Organization, tainted food causes 420,000 deaths per year. At any level of food and feed production, ensuring […]