National ag Day Australia

Happy National AgDay | Celebrate Aussie farming!

Happy National Ag Day everyone! ??

We are so proud to be a part of Australian Agriculture and offer Australian farmers the equipment and solutions they need to store, maintain and handle their grain at the best quality with minimum fuss.

Today we celebrate exceptional efforts of our farmers, as well as all that is wonderful about Australian agriculture.

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Ridley Bendigo Monogastric Feedmill

In 2020, LGPM completed its largest project to date; a green field Monogastric Feed Mill in Bendigo, capable of producing an efficient 90 Tonnes per Hour.

The project encompassed the design, construction, and commissioning of the entire production process. Key stages included the raw materials intake, ingredients storage & addition, mixing, pelleting, and out loading.

LGPM designed and engineered all the process equipment and supporting structures, completing the world-class plant in 18 months.

The plant incorporates 36 Mighty Bulk Silos, which boast the heaviest galvanising available worldwide at 600g/m2, making them perfect for the harsh Australian conditions.

A full time-lapse of the project may be seen here

The Future of Food- Pulses as Protein

The need to find effective protein sources to feed the world’s rising population is increasing. Inadequate protein consumption continues to be a source of malnutrition in the developed world, with insufficient protein intake contributing to a lack of body mass and muscle size, as well as stunted development in children of extreme situations.

Pulses are a great and versatile source of protein, and our technologies will help you get the most out of them.

We’re trying to ensure that an ever-increasing population has access to a healthy diet. We are helping to combat the scourge of under-nutrition by improving technologies, reducing the amount of food that is lost unnecessarily each year, and exchanging our experience and expertise with local farmers and producers.

We offer solutions for every process step from optical sorting, milling, extrusion, cleaning to splitting.

Pulses are a versatile ingredient that can be found in bread, pasta, and meat substitutes. Have a look at our range of products and solutions to help increase pulse production.

Why is Food Safety Important?

Everyone has the right to eat healthy food. According to the WHO, 600 million people become sick each year as a result of consuming contaminated food.

This why food safety is extremely important. According to the World Health Organization, tainted food causes 420,000 deaths per year. At any level of food and feed production, ensuring the hygienic design will help to minimize this harm. It not only ensures the quality of food and feed, but it also boosts efficiency by reducing cleaning and change over time, as well as the need for maintenance.

The hygienic design of equipment and plants is important in maintaining the quality of food and feed. It not only reduces contamination risks but also makes it easier to disinfect plants and facilities, decreasing downtime and increasing efficiency.

An ideal hygienic design allows for quick cleaning of all structures, components, and structural features while also lowering the overall cost of ownership of the equipment.

At LGPM we understand the whole process chain. Our broad range of hygienic design solutions has been designed with simplicity in mind and to meet Australian standards. It helps in effective wet cleaning, which reduces the chance of microbial contamination while also removing product build-up.

Speak to a hygienic food and beverage solution specialist for your next project or browse our range of products.


LGPM To Start Work On Ridley Corporation’s New Tasmanian Extrusion Plant

Ridley has given the green light to LGPM to participate in the building of their Extrusion plant at Westbury, Tasmania.

LGPM and Ridley Corporation Ltd have recently entered into an agreement for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the intake system and storage silos for raw grain and meals. Additionally, the project will include a macro-ingredient dosing system and bulk bag filling system for the new aqua feed mill located at Westbury, Tasmania.

The Westbury mill will supply markets in Tasmania and New Zealand and is expected to produce about 50,000 tons of aquaculture feed per year.

LGPM’s National Sales Manager, Mark Hawes, said, “We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to partner in the construction of Ridley’s first extrusion plant in Tasmania.”

The scope of supply includes the intake with integrated dust extraction and cleaning, storage silos and a finished product filling station.  Also included are associated structural steel and mechanical conveying systems to enable plant operation.

The macro ingredient system will include discharge stations and dosing screws, feeding into weighing hoppers capable of accurately dosing batches of macro ingredients.

Over the past 20 years, LGPM has been working closely with Ridley, but this unique project will allow us to create a truly innovative, technologically advanced, quality solution that will satisfy Ridley’s high expectations.