Why is Food Safety Important?

Everyone has the right to eat healthy food. According to the WHO, 600 million people become sick each year as a result of consuming contaminated food.

This why food safety is extremely important. According to the World Health Organization, tainted food causes 420,000 deaths per year. At any level of food and feed production, ensuring the hygienic design will help to minimize this harm. It not only ensures the quality of food and feed, but it also boosts efficiency by reducing cleaning and change over time, as well as the need for maintenance.

The hygienic design of equipment and plants is important in maintaining the quality of food and feed. It not only reduces contamination risks but also makes it easier to disinfect plants and facilities, decreasing downtime and increasing efficiency.

An ideal hygienic design allows for quick cleaning of all structures, components, and structural features while also lowering the overall cost of ownership of the equipment.

At LGPM we understand the whole process chain. Our broad range of hygienic design solutions has been designed with simplicity in mind and to meet Australian standards. It helps in effective wet cleaning, which reduces the chance of microbial contamination while also removing product build-up.

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