Fast and flexible

Fast, flexible and incredibly reliable, Floveyors are renowned for moving a diverse range of materials quickly and efficiently, with minimal or no degradation.

A host of configuration and application options

The modular nature of our products , combined with our custom engineering and plant engineering expertise, means we are able to create aero-mechanical conveying solutions for practically any environment. Our systems are used to move an array of materials across many industries, including:

  • The food industry
  • The chemicals industry
  • The pharmaceuticals industry
  • The manufacturing sector
  • Logistics and bulk handling
  • The mining and resources industry

Contact us for more information about throughput capacities for different materials.

Rope assemblies: The heart of the Floveyor

Our assemblies are available in a range of combinations, depending on your requirements:

  • Stainless steel, galvanized or polymer coated wire is available, ideal for all applications.
  • Polyurethane and polypropylene discs, available as either moulded or riveted options.

Power sources

  • Floveyors can be powered in a number of ways:
  • Single and three phase electric
  • Pneumatic
  • Petrol
  • Hydraulic
  • Diesel

Floveyor drag units

The ideal solution for fragile material conveyance, multiple product dropouts and lengthy installations, our drag systems can be customized to suit individual applications and materials. They are available with multiple variable inlets and/or outlets, with a choice of control options.

Drive position

Short to medium-size Floveyor units can be driven from either the top or bottom, while longer configurations and drag units must be driven from the top.