Coolers and Dryers

Geelen Counterflow Coolers and Dryers

LGPM supply and install Geelen Counterflow Coolers and Dryers. We offer a superior range, backed by multiple years of experience in cooling, drying and post conditioning. 

Batch and Continuous Dryers

  • Shown to be 15-25% more, energy efficient
  • Moisture uniformity, by incorporating microwave moisture sensors 
  • Self-cleaning, ensuring high product quality
  • Change-over times improved, without cross-contamination

Swivel Valve Cooler

  • Multiple sizes available, depending on cooling requirements
  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • Easy cleaning, large doors provide easy access
  • Fire safety and airflow control
  • Fast batch time and efficient change over

Post Conditioner MkII

  • Multiple sizes available, depending on post conditioning requirements
  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • Heat traced and insulated to ensure high efficiency
  • Access doors on the bin wall and hopper allow easy inspection and cleaning