Bulk Storage Handling


LGPM has had great success in the design and construction of storage silos for the following industries: 

  • Stock Feed
  • Industrial Bulk Storage
  • On-Farm Storage
  • Flour Milling
  • Aquafeed Industries
  • Pet Food
  • Grain Terminals
  • Food &Beverage
  • Brewing
  • And many more (please ask us)

We offer Turn-Key solutions for all your bulk storage needs and specialised design for any unusual materials. At LGPM several types of Mighty Bulk Silos are available, Flat Bottom, Hopper Bottom and Farm Silos. Each is designed individually to meet the requirements of the customer and to comply with Australian standards, engineered to match local Wind, Seismic and Atmospheric conditions in the build area.


All silos are constructed with the following:


  • S350GD Structural steel, this includes all body sheets and side wall stiffeners.
  • Catwalks and supports are manufactured from S280GD.
  • All raw materials are galvanised, using Z600 g/m2, ensuring the longest service life, which is up to 37% higher than other silo manufacturers.
  • Farm silos range from 1.8m up to 3.8m in diameter and have capacities up to 85m3. They also come with hopper angle options of 45°,60°,67°, depending on material stored.
  • Hopper Bottom Silos range from 3m up to 12.23m in diameter and have capacities up to 2,600m3. They also come with hopper angle options of 45°,60°,66°, depending on material stored.
  • Flat Bottom silos range from 4.6m up to 32.08m in diameter, and have capacities up to 25,000m3

All Mighty Bulk silos come with Standard Accessories: 

  1. Access Door, pre situated in the second ring, for easy construction.
  2. Inspection Door on the roof, to allow grain monitoring to be undertaken easily.
  3. Wind Rings, to prevent silo deforming in strong wind
  4. Roof Ladder, to allow easy access to the roof.


Several Optional Accessories are also available upon request: -

  1. Ladders, with the safety cage, rest platforms and handrails.
  2. Stairs, with the non-slip profile.
  3. Sealable Roof Vent allows easy Fumigation, air circulation and prevents vacuum during unloading.
  4. Exhaust fan prevents condensation due to temperature changes.
  5. Aeration Channels, to allow for air circulation. These cover 12.5% of total silo area.
  6. Fully Perforated Floor, to allow for fast, even aeration. This covers, 23% of total silo area.
  7. Centrifugal fan, to promote increased aeration.
  8. Temperature monitoring system. Manual, auto, and portable options available.
  9. Side discharge system, for easy unloading into trucks, trains and containers.
  10. Grain fall speed reducer, help prevent grain damage.
  11. Sweep augers, for unloading flat bottom silos.
  12. Max/Min level indicators
  13. Hand handrails, for added safety
  14. Supports and catwalks, come in varying sizes.
  15. Inner Flat Sheets, provide a smooth inner silo surface, reducing friction.